The Best BTS Merch You MUST Have !

BTS fans, known as the Army, are known for buying all the band’s merch and wearing it with pride everywhere. Here, we will take a look at some cool and unique BTS merchandise major fans simply must have.

The type of merchandise you will consider ‘must-have’ depends on what you are interested in really. For all fans, we definitely recommend the live concert DVDs. If you have not been lucky enough to see the boys live, this is a great close second. Even if you have been to a live show, you can watch it over and over again if you have the DVD. You can also see exclusive behind the scenes content and cute on-stage moments with a live DVD.

Some merch stores sell clothing ranges inspired by items the band have worn in their music videos or on stage. These are great for fans who want to base their style on the boys’ look, and are a great way to show support for the band in a more subtle way. Of course, classic band t-shirts and hoodies are also a great option for mega-fans. You can choose an item with your favorite band member’s name or birth year, or choose something with all members’ details on it if you can’t choose a favorite!

If you like shopping online for your music memorabilia, check out this BTS merch website. You can also find a range of high quality BTS merch online at the band’s official store. We recommend any hardcore fan keep an eye on merch sites regularly, because some pieces are released in limited edition. Things like albums will be available any time, and can be downloaded digitally. More exclusive items will sell out fast, so if you want to be sure to get something, it’s best to buy right away!