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Rocky Top General Store Recognized as One of the Most Unique Stores in the Southeast

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From popcorn to plows it's at Rocky Top Store
by Morgan Simmons
News-Sentinel Staff Writer

HARRIMAN - The merchandise sitting on the front porch of Rocky Top General Store only hints at what's inside.

Before even entering the door, a visitor walks by Radio Flyer wagons, garden tillers, rolls of chicken wire, and 50 pound bags of rabbit food stacked head high.

Inside, the sensory assault continues with the smell of fresh popcorn, which store owner David Webb offers free to his customers.

On the walls just below the ceiling hang antique farm tools- bow saws, push mowers and plows- and at the back of the room, past the Case © knives and cast-iron cook stoves, there’s an old-fashion drink machine that sells bottled Cokes.

“Unusual items - that’s what we pride ourselves in,” Webb said.

As a descriptive label, the “general” in Rocky Top General Store barely scratches the surface.

Located just south of the Emory River in Harriman, the store sells hardware, poultry products, and pet supplies, as well as furniture, appliances, and canvas work clothes.

Coon hunters frequent the store to buy dog supplies, and housewives come into browse among the display cases stocked with ceramic dolls and giftware.

(Originally Appeared in “The Knoxville News-Sentinel”)



Our store is located at 316 Ruritan Road, Harriman Tennessee. If you're in the area, please feel free to stop by and see us.

Driving directions from the I-40 exit:

  1. You will notice ROCKY TOP GENERAL STORE on the state attraction sign for I-40 
    exit #350.
  2. I-40 East bound, take exit 350, turn left, travel under the interstate, go approximately 2 miles, you will find ROCKY TOP GENERAL STORE there on the left.
  3. I-40 West bound, take exit 350, turn right, go approximately 2 miles, you will find ROCKY TOP GENERAL STORE there on the left.

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