Funniest Gift Ideas to Give to a Partner

Funny gifts are most appealing to the partners with a great sense of humor and who does not take life too seriously. It makes you not only smile but giggle and burst out in laughter. It can make the moment enjoyable and remembered for long as well. Here are some funniest gift ideas to give to a partner.

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

If your partner’s hand goes straight into a packet of chips or a bowl of popcorn just after scratching the junk then “Maybe  You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer” is the right gift. It not only tells your partner why dating is so much fun but is also very useful.

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

This funny Beer Belly Fanny Pack is designed to look like a fat hairy man’s stomach and might be a right choice for your hipster partner under the right circumstances. Your partner can wear at parties and music festivals and can amuse people with a ‘Boo’ with this funny gut.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

If the partners are of the political type, then this picture of the present president on the toilet paper will undoubtedly cause quite a few LOLs.

Grow A Girlfriend

If you frequently fight with your partner or you don’t like the relationship, then hand him “Grow a Girlfriend.” It is a figure of a girl, and if you drop it in water, it grows to 6 times its original size, and the funniest part is that your partner may like the gift more than you.

Girlfriend body pillow

When you and your partner is not staying together and missing your physical presence, this would be a great gift to cuddle.

Toilet Slam Dump Set or Potty Golfing

Does your partner want to relax in the bathroom? Then get him the Toilet Slam Dump Set or Potty Golfing to maximize the fun to be there, but the risk is now he will spend more time there than with you.

Do buy funny gifts for your partner but also speculate the risk of fun in advance.