Girls are lovely, they are caring and they always deserve the best from us. The way we treat them determines how they see themselves. Girls can be complicated. Knowing what they want at a point in time can be laborious.  

Getting girls great gifts on their birthdays can come in the form of taking them shopping, buying Minnie mouse toys for toddlers, clothes, jewelry and even clothing accessories such as shoes, and watches.  

Believe it or not, getting your girl (daughter or lover) a wonderful gift on her birthday can be very confusing, hence the reason for this article. Here are five things to get a girl on her birthday.  

Clothes and clothe accessories  

Girls regardless of their age love to dress like the princesses they are. On her birthday, you can get her that particular dress she loves so much. You can also buy her a watch or a shoe in her favorite design. 


Ladies love toys. These toys can range from Minnie mouse for the toddlers and teddy bears for those who are advanced in age. Get the toys in their favorite color for them to appreciate it more.  


You can take her shopping to purchase anything she loves. 


You can purchase tickets for her to visit the cinema to see her favorite movie, visit the museum or play her favorite games.  

Something to support her dream:  

The best gifts girls receive are those focused on helping them achieve their dreams. You can get her some good books or things that will assist her in her hobbies or pursue her career. 

Finally, you can get your lovely girl some flowers she will appreciate. Remember that every girl is a princess and deserves to be treated as one.  


Do you want some great ideas for gifts for your child? We have some great gift ideas for you or any other child you wish to give some joy to! We have toys, RC cars, books and other great gift ideas that can easily satisfy any young soul. Here are our top 3 mentions with detailed summaries and our 7 honorable mentions from!

1.) Building blocks – 80 piece building block bag

These blocks are a great present for any youngster, they are bundled with 80 high quality plastic toy blocks that can be used by toddlers to learn basic numerology and have fun.

There is evidence that building blocks help with toddlers and their development, so these could be a great investment for the cognitive side of your toddler as well. These are also easily washable by using a simply towel and soap.

2.) A Great book – The very hungry caterpillar

This book flew off the shelves when it was first released, the story of the extremely hungry caterpillar is a great bedtime story or a nice beginner book to get your toddler or youngster into basic reading!

Young children and toddlers just can’t seem to put down this great book!

3.) RC Car – Cartoon Remote Control Race Car

This nice RC car is great to play with and easy to use, it comes with a circular control scheme that feels like a real driving wheel and also plays entertaining music in the background as your toddler plays!

It’s also quite cheap as well, so no worries about the price.

Honorable mentions:

  • RC Dumps Truck
  • Fisher trains
  • Play-doh
  • Fischer-Price toddlers playhouse
  • ALEX Toys button art
  • P is for Potty – Potty training booklet
  • Little tikes shopping cart

Thanks for reading our suggestions for 10 gifts to purchase for your toddler today! We hope you use this information wisely!…