If you just bought your first dual hook sex swing, you’re probably a bit confused about how to install it. But, worry not, for as long as you follow our instructions, installing a sex swing will be rather easy.


Dual hook sex swings need two mounting points. If you haven’t already prepared those, there are several quick and simple options. You can mount your sex swing door to door, door to wall, wall to wall, on a chin-up bar, on your ceiling, or onto an exposed ceiling beam. I experienced imposible positions with a sex swing from this site called cumswingwithme, you can too


Whichever way you choose, it is pretty straightforward, and it requires very little time. The most complicated methods are when you’re hanging your swing from the walls and the ceiling. That is because you need a drill for these methods so you can screw the eye hooks in. But, even that isn’t very demanding, so you need to choose a way to hang your sex swing so that you and your partner enjoy it the most.


However, there is one thing you need to consider when installing sex swings – safety. When preparing to install your dual hook sex swing, you should check just how much weight your mounting point can take. For instance, don’t use hollow core doors, as they won’t be able to handle all that activity and load.

Now that we have those basics covered, here’s how to install your sex swing.

Pay attention to the swing width

Dual hook sex swings have a variable diameter, which means that you can adjust them to your needs. They can be narrow or wide, depending on what you and your partner need and want. For instance, people with larger hips prefer wider swings, as they are more comfortable than the narrower ones.


Recommended width for sex swings is between 24” and 36”. If you set your swing any wider, you might overburden the hardware, as well as your mounting points. If you choose to set the swing more narrowly, it might feel too tight, and even pinch your hips.

When mounting the swing to the ceiling parallel to the beams, put both eye hooks on the same beam. That will make it stable and allow you to set the width you want.


If you choose to do it perpendicular to the beams, you will limit your options regarding the width. You see, if your ceiling beams are 15” apart, you will have to screw the eye hooks 30” apart because you have to screw into the center of each beam.

Setting it up

After you install your mounting points, open your chain kit and attach one chain to each of the eye hooks. If your ceiling is tall, you might need longer chains, but don’t worry, that’s not a problem. You can buy longer chains from any local hardware store for no more than a few dollars. Make sure that the chains you take are like the ones you got with your swing, or stronger.


Once that is done, you will notice that there are two main straps. One side of one of the longest straps goes onto one chain kit, and the other one to the other. Now, repeat this with shorter straps.

You can clip stirrups and handles wherever you want on your swing, or the chains, depending on how you and your partner like it.


Now you’re ready for swing sex.…