Which were the first apps that you as a smartphone user would have probably installed on your phone? Could it be Facebook, Gmail, Candy Crush, or Whatsapp? You would have probably loaded a few more. What is for sure is that apps of e-commerce sites were the last ones to be added to your list of smartphone apps.

However, things have changed now. People have their favorite online shopping sites such as the https://www.trulycoin.com downloaded on their phones in the form of the store apps because it is easy, convenient, fast, and cost-effective. This should be a good enough reason as to why e-commerce companies must capitalize more on apps. Here are 4 ways how this can be achieved.

  1. Value Time – E-commerce platforms should measure time in seconds and not in minutes. Keeping this in mind, they must plan on how to convert every visit to a successful sale by reducing the amount of time from minutes to seconds on the checkout page for their customers.
  2. Value Customers – It takes much more than the world’s sweetest candy to keep your customers ever satisfied. However, you need to achieve this by granting them their every wish. Difficult it may sound but not impossible. Try to link several different features on your app to consumer preferences. This will ensure that customer needs are satisfied and at the same time result in increased sales. Further, you can categorize your shoppers to understand different needs rather than adopting the style of “one size will fit all”.
  3. Make it Real – Why are there still people visiting stores when they can get better deals online? It is not because you are not offering enough. It is because you lack the physical touch. Try to personalize their shopping experience and bridge the gap between a physical shopping experience and an online one.
  4. Use Reminders – Technology has come up with a new way of reminding consumers regarding their forgotten cart items, latest offers, new arrivals, sales, etc. E-commerce companies must rely on this to draw more customers to their site. What are we talking about here? It is nothing other than Push Notifications. Most users have this feature enabled on their phones and this makes it easier for online retailers to attract more consumers.