It is exciting to travel but you must go prepared to enjoy the break. So, you must make a checklist to make sure you are taking everything that will make the trip a comfortable one. Here you go with a checklist that is comprehensive and detailed.

  1. The essentials: Here are a few things that you cannot afford to forget when you decide to go on a trip.
    1. Passport (if traveling overseas),
    2. Phone
    3. driving license
    4. credit card
    5. travel insurance
    6. chargers for all your gadgets
    7. books or kindle
    8. sunglasses
    9. travel adapter


  1. For the flight: It is not easy to sleep on the flight with your neighbor either playing a movie or talking to someone loudly. Furthermore the temperature inside a plane is always cold. You must take eye mask and earplugs to shut the rest of the world out. carry your own blanket which will be more hygienic than the one on the flight.


  1. Beauty needs: You must take extra care of your skin when you travel because the climate, the food and the general disturbance to your regular routine will affect the skin. Hence include the below in your travel necessities.


  • lip balm
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen lotion
  • tan creams like DarkLush,
  • makeup kit
  • makeup remover
  • hair straightener
  • comb
  • hairbrush
  • hair bands
  • nail polish and nail polish remover
  • perfume
  • cleanser
  • shower gel and shampoo and conditioner
  • sanitary products
  • deodorant
  1. Beachwear: If you are heading to the beach on the vacation don’t forget to take these: a pair of flipflops, beach bag, towels, sunglasses,
  2. Regular clothes: For casual days keep your Denim shorts, t-shirts, undergarments ready. Don’t forget to pack a dress and stiletto for any surprise parties that come your way.
  3. Medicines: For your health take tablets for nausea, diarrhea, fever and painkillers, band-aids
  4. Other essentials: Having these will make the days bearable: laundry bag, travel umbrella.

Everyone knows that organic things taste better and are healthier for your body. This is because the lack of chemicals and the intensive care. One of the main problems with organic food is the cost. It is almost always more expensive than nonorganic options because it cannot be mass produced as easily. You should try to budget your money to get organic whenever you can afford it. You will be glad you made the decision. Some stuff you absolutely have to get organic, because it is so much better than the normal stuff. One of the most important things you can get in the organic version is beef. Beef is important to get organic because there has been a lot of research proving that the hormones in beef cause cancers and other diseases in humans. This link between the hormones and diseases is almost undeniable and is important to note because these are serious diseases the hormones are increasing your chances of. Some fruits are better to get in the organic version.

Strawberries are one of these such fruits. The reason it is important to get organic strawberries is because of the design of the strawberries. There are many dips in the strawberry which pesticides and other chemicals can get trapped in. If you don’t wash your berries thoroughly they might contain toxic chemicals. Popcorn is another thing you should get in the organic version. Popcorn bags contain a chemical called PFOA. There is some evidence to suggest that PFOA is linked to cancer and other bodily damage. Milk is another item you should be wary about. Nonorganic milk contains growth hormones used to speed up the maturation of cows. This can have bad effects on humans. I would be safe and get the organic version of milk as a precaution. It contains lots of estrogen. On the topic of your health PrimitiveOutpost helps you with tattoo aftercare.…