Standard Fan Motor
A powerfull little motor for it's small wattage of 35.  Delivers approximately 400 cubic feet of air per minute when swinging an 8-inch fan on it's 1/4-inch shaft.  Ventilated case about 3 1/4" diameter mountable by it's tie bolts.  Speed about 1600 RPM.  Good bearings and sturdy case.  Another quality motor.
Plus Postage $59.95
Open Type Motor
You'll like this little motor for swinging small fans up to 5" diameter.  It is quiet and sturdy.  Has 1/4" shaft, self-aligning bearings and enclosed oil reservoirs of felt.  Mountable by it's two tie bolts.  A wonderful buy.
Plus Postage $29.95

Fan Blades

6in. Fan Blade
2 inch shaft

Engraved Thermometer
A high quality 5 1/2" thermometer for any purpose - incubators or brooders.  Calibrated 30 to 120 degrees F.  Groove around top of red bulb permits tying a wick for humidity tests.  Used in Roll X and Cyclonic.
TM3 $19.95 each  Mercury $15.95

Replacement parts available for most still air and fan forced incubators.  If not listed in our catalog, please write or call.

Carded Brooder Thermometer.  May be used in incubator and for general purposes.  There is a hole for a mounting screw.  Calibrated 10 to 120 degrees F.  3" stem, 4" plastic card.
TM5 $4.95 each

Goose Egg Extender $49.95

Egg Grids for Roll X Incubators

 GR209 - Conures, Quail or similar 3/4" to 1 1/4"......Wt. 5lb 5oz $69.95

GR109 - 109 Pheasant, Chukar or similar 1 1/4" to 1 1/2"......Wt. 4lb 4oz $69.95

GR89 - 89 Average Chicken or similar 1 1/2" to 1 5/8"......Wt. 4lb 8oz $69.95

GR71 - Large Chicken......Wt. 4lb 8oz $69.95

GR55 - 55 Turkey, Duck or similar 1 3/4" to 2 1/8"......Wt. 4lb 2oz $69.95

GR29 - 29 Geese, Tolouse or similar 2 1/8" to 2 3/4"......Wt. 3lb 11oz $69.95

Heating Element Replacements
for Incubator


Low Temperature Coils
Type L.T.

19.95 ea.
Porcelain Knobs 69 cents ea.

Top of drawing showing coil as shipped.  Lower part shows a method 
of stretching on knobs.

*These coils are adapted for many uses, such as heating; large and small incubators; battery brooders, hovers, waterers, hot beds, oat sprouters, etc.
*Made of special wire designed to give practically unlimited service.  NO BURN OUTS.
* Two 110-Volt coils can be used on 220 voltage provided they are connected in series (as one continuous coil).  In this case, the total wattage would be double the rated wattage of a single 110-volt coil.  It is often desirable to use low 110 coils as this permits using the equipment on either 110 or 220 volt service by making a change of coil connections.
*Diameter of coils ranged from 1/4" to 1/2" depending on wattage.

We still have in inventory, parts for the older round metal incubators and some of the Out Of Buisness World models.  Just give us a call.

Phone:(865) 882-8867
Fax: (865) 882-9056

We still have in inventory, parts for the older round metal incubators and some of the out of business World Models.  Just give us a call for more information.
(865) 882-8867

Universal Wafer
(All Wafers 10-32 Thread)
No. 31-W has reversible adapter which makes it fit nearly all electric, gas, coal and oil brooders.  Advantageous to dealers as there is only on style to carry in stock.  Wt. (12) 1/2lbs $12.95

Electric & Gas Brooder Wafer
No. 1 WB - 3 inch double for all Brower electric and gas floor type and battery brooders.  Posts 6 and 7.  Weight. (12) $9.95

Electronic Snap Action Thermostat Switch
No. 59-S Switch - Accurate and dependable.  Easy to install.  Instructions furnished.  No radio interference.  Dustproof molded plastic case eliminates short circuits.  Mounting bracket 2 1/2"x3", not including adjusting screw.  Shipped with 3" thermostat wafer.  Wt. 12oz $34.95

Brower Air Flo Heating Unit
No. 5003-S - Brings fresh air into element and heats it to desired temperature insuring circulation of fresh, warm air.  Made of galvanized steel with 160 watt, 110-120 volt AC Nichrome Heating Coil.  Length: 24"x2 1/4"x1 1/2".  Wt. 1 1/2lbs $39.95
No. 5038-S $59.95
No. 59-S Micro Switch Wt. 2 1/4lbs $14.95

Infra-Red Brooder Wafer
No. 4W - 3 inch double for Brower Infra-Red brooder.  Posts 3 and 7.  Wt. (12) 1 1/2lbs.....$9.95

Incubator Wafer
No. 2W -  3 inch double for Brower 845 and 846.  Brower Deluxe, Buckeye, Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, Posts 5 and 7.  Wt. (12) 1 1/2lbs. 8.95

  • No. 4882 - Adjustable Brooder Thermometer.  Fits through one inch round hole in canopy.  Adjustable and stretches out to 9 3/4" or shortens to 7 1/2".  Durable plastic with easy-to-read black numerals and graduation.  Wt. ea 2oz $39.95
  • No. 581-C - Brooder Thermometer.  White enamel frame 8"x2".  10 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Wt. ea  2 1/2oz $5.95
  • No. 12-C - Brooder Thermometer.  Green enameled frame 7"x1 1/2".  Scale and numerals in black.  Registers from 20 to 120 degrees Farenheit.  Non-fading red spirit.  Magnifying glass. Wt. ea 2oz $6.95
  • No. 66-C - Incubator Thermometer.  3" high by 4 1/2" wide.  White enameled finish.  Range 90 degrees to 110 degrees Farenheit.  Hatching zone specially indicated.  Numerals and scale in black.  Wt. ea 2 1/2oz $6.95

  • No. 6924 Hygrometer.  Approximate scale range 0 to 1200.  Permanent chart can be read at a glance and swings aside on hinge for maximum accessibility to reservoir.  Reservoir easily removed, easily refilled.  Hygrometer is 10"x4".  Plastic back.  Metal scael and 7" and spirit lube.  Wt. ea 1lb $34.95
  • No. 62941 Extra Wick for 6924 Hygrometer $1.25
  • No. 62942 Extra Reservoir for 6924 Hygrometer $12.95
Pilot Bulb
No. R-7 - 7 1/2 watt Red Pilot Bulb. Wt. each 2oz $1.99

Model EC10 will substitute for the control in styrofoam incubators.  It is about the size of a credit card.  It is mounted in the metal bracket which is included.  $34.95

Solid State Thermostat
The NEW electronics-age improvement.  Holds temperature so close that movement on the thermometer can scarcely be detected.  No moving parts.  Simple.  Regulatable within range required for egg incubators.  110-115V - 40 to 150 watts.
SSTS1  Shipping wt. 4oz $89.95

AT2SG - Roll-X Turner.  Basically the same as the Turn-X Turner except that it is screwed  to the incubator case by two 8-32 machine screws and the lever system is designed to move the push-pull rod straight back and forth through a hole in the incubator wall.  Shipping wt. 2lbs $169.95