Car Seat Buying Guide: How to Choose a Baby, Toddler or Child Car Seat

As parents, your child’s safety is one of your topmost priorities. You earn and spend on products to ensure the children are kept safe at all times. Car seats are one such essential item that ensures your child’s safety on the rods, even if you are driving.

Buying the wrong car seat could not only make it less safe for the child but can make them uncomfortable too. Even if you are shopping on https://www.starwalkkids.com/ for a car seat, you need to know how to choose the right one based on your child’s age.

  • Know Your Vehicle – Every vehicle is different. Though one car seat can fit many vehicles, it is always better to go through your vehicle manual thoroughly. Get to know where and how to install a car seat in your vehicle. This will influence the model of car seat you buy.
  • Belt / LATCH – New vehicles have provisions for using the LATCH system. Decide which model you want based on this option. If you are opting for a LATCH system, first check if the attachments in your vehicle are in places convenient to you.
  • Age Category – The car seat you buy for your child largely depends on the age group.
  • Infant – For an infant, you need to install the car seat rear-facing as per the LAW. Hence you will have to buy a rear-facing car seat until they reach the required height to move on to the next model.
  • Toddler – A toddler around the age of two will outgrow the rear-facing car seat if your child’s head is within one inch of the top of the seat; it is time to shift them to the forward facing seat. If the child’s shoulder is above the harness of the car seat, they are too big for the car seat and the next size has to be bought.
  • Child – Once the toddler outgrows the car seat, they are ready to move to a regular car seat, but the belts will still be too high for them. In order to buckle them in securely, you will have to use booster seats in the back of your car.